Textile Recycling:

Oaklands are once again part of the ‘The Greenredeem School Donations programme’ from January 2018 and will receive a portion of £2000, the size of which will depend upon how many points we can accrue. If you are a resident in the Wokingham Local Authority and are a registered member of the Greenredeem programme you can donate your points to our school. The scheme offers residents who have accumulated points through recycling, a way of using those points to support our school. It also offers us another route for raising support and securing additional funding to deliver projects.

As well as earning points for recycling every week, much greater numbers of points can be earned by doing quizzes and making recycling "commitments" every month - it only takes a few minutes. If you're not registered yet, you get 150 points straight off just for registering.

Anyone over 13 can have an account, even living in the same house - so make sure you sign up your partner as well so we can scoop up the extra points.

We are currently middle of the leaderboard so please donate your points to help Oaklands receive a good proportion of the funds!

Textiles recycling was collected on

Friday, 13th October,

earning the schools over £300