With the exception of gym bags & rucksacks, all uniform with the school logo can be ordered online via Marks & Spencer at www.mandsyourschooluniform.com or by phone on 0844 544 7969. Orders placed through this scheme will raise money for the schools; click here for the FAQ.

Between June 2013 and October 2015, the schools earned £1682.73 in commission from all online sales through the Marks & Spencer Your School Uniform website. The current commission rate is 5%.

You are able to order logoed gym bags or rucksacks via the PTA using this form.

We also hold Nearly New Uniform Sales in the playgrounds at pick up time once per term for both schools. In addition we have a Nearly New Uniform stall at our Summer Fete.

You can raise money for your PTA by ordering name labels from Stikins.

We get 30% commission on all orders (school number 14773).

Please click here if interested (you need to order through this link for us to get the commission).